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Custom Prosthetic Services Ltd. provides a complete range of Upper and Lower Extremity prosthetic devices, including state-of-the-art electronic limbs and customized silicone prosthetics for those individuals who have experienced limb loss or other disfiguring conditions. We are prepared and happy to help our clients achieve a better lifestyle and improved comfort through the skillful application of the latest technology in a caring and supportive environment. Please refer to the Upper and Lower Extremity links on the left for more details.

Funding and Payments

Artificial Limbs can vary widely on cost, based upon their sophistication of fitting and construction. At Custom Prosthetic Services we work closely with our clients to apply the most appropriate technology for the best overall outcome. We advocate on our client’s behalf to available insurance plans and funding agencies to secure funding for and minimize direct costs to our clients for the products that they receive. In many cases most or all of the cost of a prosthetic device is directly covered by, or can be recovered from, these paying agencies. Where there is known to be a consumer co-pay amount owing, Custom Prosthetic Services may request a deposit upon initiation of work, with the balance payable upon completion. We offer the convenience of VISA, Mastercard and Debit Card payment options as well as cash, cheque or money order.


Custom Prosthetic Services Ltd. warranties all in-house custom fabricated devices for six months for breakage and for three months for satisfactory fit of the prosthesis, provided that the prosthesis is not misused and your size or medical condition do not change significantly. The warranty period commences upon final dispensing of the fabricated device. This warranty includes all labour and material costs relating to the modification, repair or replacement of the affected device, at the discretion of Custom Prosthetic Services Ltd.

Manufacturer’s components used in a prosthesis generally carry a manufacturer warranty of one year or longer from the date of their installation. Warranty details vary and Custom Prosthetic Services Ltd. can provide you with specific information upon your request. This warranty includes all labour, shipping, handling, and material costs relating to the repair or replacement of the affected component. Use of an interim loaner component is sometimes necessary during a warranty replacement procedure.

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